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Class and Camp Covid-19 Procedures


What to bring: A mask to be worn during temperature check, water bottle (the water fountains will be closed, but the bottle filler will be open)

Gym arrival: Please arrive 10 minutes before practice start time. Similar to school carpool lines we will ask drivers to pull up in a line at our front door and remain in your car.  A MASKED coach or staff member will be outside allowing athletes to exit their cars one at a time while also wearing a mask. A temperature check will be done before the athlete enters the building. The parent will be asked to wait until the child is cleared before leaving. Driving gymnasts can find a parking spot and walk to the check-in staff.

Gym entrance: Once the athlete is cleared with a temperature check, they will enter the main lobby where they can remove their mask and place their belongings inside a cubby.  Every athlete must use hand sanitizer from the sanitation station inside the lobby prior to entering gym. The main lobby has social distancing markers on the floor, students will find a spot and wait for their coach to let them in to the main gym.  

Sanitation Stations: The gym is set up with sanitation stations throughout the gym which include: disinfectant spray, paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, and a garbage can. Every athlete will be encouraged to participate in disinfecting stations after use as well as sanitizing their hands as needed. 

In addition to the above protocol, the gym has purchased a disinfecting fogger which will be sprayed daily on all surfaces of the gym. Also purchased, was a steam cleaner for the carpets which will be done weekly. A professional cleaning company will continue to come into the gym and clean 4 nights per week. All staff members will be disinfecting surfaces throughout the day as well.

Practicing with social distancing: Coaches and all staff members have planned and developed practice plans that involve stations for drill progressions, strength, conditioning, as well as skill development that will allow gymnasts to have a productive practice while maintaining social distancing. 

Gym Capacity and Athlete to Coach Ratio: Basic guidelines for square footage and social distancing would allow us to have 300 gymnasts in the gym at one time, however we are NOT going to have any where near this capacity. Gymnastics Village will be limiting our maximum number of people in the gym to 50 at one time for now. Group size will be averaging 6-9 gymnasts with most groups kept at 6. 

Class/ Camp Athlete Pick up: Please pull in to the main entrance the same way you did for drop off.  Athletes will use hand sanitizer, collect their belongings and stand on a designated social distancing marker in the main lobby.  A coach will check which cars are here and dismiss students one at a time. Please be prompt in picking up your athlete to keep the process smooth. 

Payment & Office/Coach Communication: The office will be closed to parents for viewing. We are in the process of setting up an app based viewing service which will allow parents to view their athletes during their scheduled practice times only. This is a secure service that can only be viewed by our customers during their practice times. The app also prevents screen shots and screen recording which is awesome! All payments can be made on our parent portal or over the phone. Parent portal online is the preferred payment method. If you need to communicate with the office please call 603 889 8092. If you need to communicate with a coach, please use email.

Reminder: Every staff member will be having a temperature check upon arrival and be wearing a mask when within 6 feet of someone


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