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The mission of the Gymnastics Village Boys' Team is to promote increased opportunities for men's competitive gymnastics in New Hampshire and to help our athletes realize their potential through gymnastics. We strive for our gymnasts to learn from an early age what discipline is all about, how to manage their time, stay on task, be persistent and motivated, not to give up no matter how hard the task, and to see that they can achieve things they had previously not thought possible, thereby showing them that with hard work and determination most everything is achievable.


Michael Ouellette
Head Boys' Coach - since 2012. University of Oklahoma.  Gymnastics Safety Certified, CPR. First Aid Sports Safety Certified

Upcoming Competitions

Winter Carnival
Brentwood, NH

February 3-4, 2017
Level 4 to 7 / JD

Gym Village Invitational
Amherst, NH

February 11, 2018
Level 4 to 10

Sunday, February 11th, 2018
Session 1: Level 4-5
8:00AM Check In
8:15AM Timed Warm Ups
9:15AM Competition
Session 2: Level 6-10 & JD
1:00PM Check In
1:30PM Warm Up 1st Event
1:45PM Competition

BlackJack National Championships
Las Vegas, NV

February 16-18, 2018
Level 6 to 10

Boston Classic
Millis, MA

February 24-25, 2018
Level 4 tot 10

NH State Championships
Brentwood, NH

March 11, 2018
Level 4 to 10

Region 6 Championships

March 25, 2018
Level 4 to 5

Region 6 Championships
Braintree, MA

April 6-8, 2018
Level 6 to 10

JO National Championships
Oklahoma City, OK

May 9-13, 2018
Level 8 to 10

Support the Boys Team!

The following fundraisers are an ongoing way to help support the boy's team and the overall cost of the program:

Parent's Night Out

Gymnastics Village

13 Caldwell Dr., Amherst, NH