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    Monday/Tuesday  9am-6:00pm  

    Wednesday/ Thursday 3:15-6:00pm Friday 9am-5:30pm                                 Saturday 8am-1pm

  • If you are outside of these office hours, you may leave a voicemail or
    e-mail us at info@gymnasticsvillage.com
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  • We have continuous enrollment.  You can register and start class where openings allow. Please call for the most accurate enrollment/waitlist information. 


2024 Extravaganza Session Info

All MiniGym, Villager and Preteam BOYS Saturday, June 1 @ 2pm

All Girls MiniGym and Villager GIRLS Sunday, June 9

SUNDAY June 9 - 9AM

MiniGym Monday 3:30- Megan 

MiniGym Monday 5:00- Brooke

MiniGym Monday 5:30- Katie 

MiniGym Monday 6:00- Brooke

MiniGym Monday 6:30- Rick 

MiniGym Tuesday 3:30- Rick

MiniGym Tuesday 4:00- Maya

MiniGym Tuesday 6:30- Katie

*Emilee Holt *Lyla Shaver *Finley Longenecker *Ella Merrill


SUNDAY June 9 - 11AM

MiniGym Wednesday 3:30- Megan

MiniGym Wednesday 4:30- Rick

MiniGym Wednesday 4:30- Megan

MiniGym Wednesday 6:30- Lisa

MiniGym Thursday 3:30- Lyuda

MiniGym Thursday 4:00- Megan

MiniGym Thursday 4:30- Lyuda

MiniGym Thursday 6:30- Lisa


SUNDAY June 9 - 1PM

MiniGym Thursday 6:00- Megan

MiniGym Thursday 6:00- Katie

MiniGym Friday 3:30- Megan

MiniGymFriday 4:30- Rick

MiniGym Friday 5:30- Megan

MiniGym Saturday 9:00- Rick

MiniGym Saturday 9:15- Katie

MiniGym Saturday 10:15- Brooke

MiniGym Saturday 11:15- Brooke

*Khaya Weeks 

SUNDAY June 9 - 3 PM

Villager Monday 3:30- Lyuda

Villager Monday 6:30- Katie

Villager Tuesday 3:30- Lyuda

Villager Tuesday 4:30- Megan

Villager Tuesday 4:30- Kim

Villager Wednesday 5:30- Lyuda

Villager Thursday 3:30- Rick

Villager Thursday 5:30- Lyuda

Villager Friday 4:30- Lyuda

*Rylie Sawyer

SUNDAY June 9 - 5 PM

Developmental 1 & 2

Villager Monday 5:45- Maya

Villager Tuesday 6:00- Maya

Villager Wednesday 3:30- Lisa

Villager Wednesday 6:30- Katie

Villager Thursday 6:00- Rick

Villager Friday 5:30- Rick

Villager Saturday 11:00- Lyuda

Villager Saturday 11:15- Megan

Youth Fitness Through Gymnastics Instruction

Gymnastics Village located in Amherst, New Hampshire, provides outstanding gymnastics instruction for boys and girls from birth through teen.  Free tuition birth - 9 months.  Founded in 1976 by owner Judy Shenk, Gymnastics Village is still a family-run business with Judy and daughter-in-law and son Deanna and Fritz Shenk.  Our professionally designed programs allow all children to acquire strength and endurance while developing flexibility and coordination as well as positive self-esteem. Each program begins with the basic fundamentals of movement and proceeds to the highest level of gymnastics training.  We also offer recreational and competitive USA Ninja Challenge curriculum and training.  Our full- and part-time instructors are chosen for their teaching ability as well as their knowledge of gymnastics and their love for children.

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Gym Closure Dates:
Sat Sep 2/Monday Sept 4 (2023)
Thur Nov 23, Fri Nov 24, Sat Nov 25 (2023)
Sun Dec 24-Sat Jan 1 (2022)
Sun Dec 24-Mon Jan 1 (2023-2024)
Sat May 25-Mon May 27 (2024)
Thurs July 4 (2024) Fri July 5 (2024)
 We are OPEN for Feb & April School vacations.


Saturday, December 16 
Ages 5+ (4 years old with older sibling in attendance)

$25 per child $75 max per family
Payment is due the night of the event CASH or CHECK only to Gymnastics Village Boys Booster Club

Pre-School programs

Our programs for our smallest gymnasts begin at age 18 months and go up 3 years.

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after school programs

Classes for ages 5 and up - Tumbling and full gymnastics programs available.

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ninja challenge

Ever wanted to be the next American Ninja? Learn to be! Fun, strength and agility training to bring out your inner Ninja.

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girls team

Our Xcel Girl's Team - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond compete through USA Gymnastics. In addition, the youngest gymnasts, ages 4-6 are offered a more intense recreational program with limited or no competitions.

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boys team

The boys competitive team at Gymnastics Village compete through USA Gymnastics Levels 4-10. In addition, the youngest gymnasts, ages 4-6 are offered a more intense recreational program with limited or no competitions.

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birthday parties

Have your birthday at the gym! Fun blow-ups, zip line and more. Inquiries email birthdays@gymnasticsvillage.com

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