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Who We Are

Gymnastics Village located in Amherst, New Hampshire, provides outstanding gymnastics instruction for boys and girls ages 18 months through teen. Our professionally designed programs allow all children to acquire strength and endurance while developing flexibility and coordination as well as a positive self-esteem. Each program begins with the basic fundamentals of movement and proceeds to the highest level of gymnastics training. Our full- and part-time instructors are chosen for their teaching ability as well as their knowledge of gymnastics and love for children.

Our Facilities and Staff

The modern, fully-equipped facility at Gymnastics Village is one of the best gymnastics training centers in New Hampshire, dedicated to making the sport safe and fun for everyone. Specialized athletic equipment and age-appropriate, hands-on training apparatus increases the excitement of learning new skills.

Our 13,500 sq. ft. gym is fully equipped with 3 loose foam pits and extensive competitive and training apparatus which gives us creative ways to teach new skills. The use of this variety of specialized equipment and safety landing mats throughout the gym provides the safest gymnastics experience possible.

Our Qualified Staff

We have an outstanding staff of dedicated, full-time professionals. Each instructor was chosen for their teaching ability as well as their knowledge of gymnastics and love for children. Many of our instructors hold a degree in either Physical Education or Elementary Education with additional specialized training in gymnastics. All of our full-time staff are Gymnastics Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics and have their CPR and First Aid Certification through the Red Cross.

Below is more detailed information of our full time staff.

Judy Shenk
President- since 1975. Boston University. Sargent College, 1965. Gymnastics Safety Certified. Professional Development Program, Level 2.

Deanna Shenk
Director - since 1995. University of New Hampshire, 1997. KAT Certified. CPR. First Aid Sports Safety Certified.

Lisa Moreno                                                                                                                         
Assistant Director- Developmental Director. - since 1996. Syracuse University. CPR, First Aid Sports, Safety Certified. 

Michael Ouellette
Head Boys' Coach - since 2012. University of Oklahoma.  Certified in: Gymnastics Safety, CPR, First Aid Sports Safety, SafeSport, Men's Gymnastics National Coach

Bogdan Uruskyy
Instructor/Coach - since 1999. Lvov University of Physical Education and Sport, 1996. Gymnastics Safety Certified. CPR. First Aid Certified.

Lyudmyla Uruska
Instructor/Girls' Coach/Choreographer since 2000. University of Termopol, Ukraine, 1980. CPR. First Aid Sports Safety Certified.

Lisa Sumner
Instructor/Assistant Optional Girls' Coach/Choreographer/Gymnastics Judge - since 2001. CPR. First Aid Sports, Safety Certified.

Alida Narine
Customer Service/ Billing Coordinator - since 2007. CPR Certified.

Kalleen Schultze
Xcel Coach since 2013. Keene State, 2012. Certified in: Safety & Risk Management, CPR, SafeSport, Gymnastics Fitness, Development Coaches Course: Sport Science.

Nicole Simoneau
Xcel Coach since 2014. Utah State University, 2016. CPR and Safety Certified.

Lukas Irizarry
Director of USA Ninja Challenge / Instructor since 2016. Keene State College, 2016. Certified in: USAG & USANC Instructor, USAG Safety, SafeSport, CPR/AED .

Jaime Hassett
Assistant Boy's Coach / Instructor since 2016. Bradford College, 1996. Certified in: USAG Safety, CPR, and SafeSport.

Gymnastics Village

13 Caldwell Dr., Amherst, NH

Gymnastics Village


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